10 Reopening Business Strategies to Embrace


Reinventing Yourself for the New Global Economy

 Businesses report they are working to navigate the challenges of balancing health concerns while still being able to implement business strategies to generate revenue and service customers safely.

This is coming in as businesses across the country grapple with how to open again in the covid-19 era, some are making big changes to create safer environments and to abide by government rules.

reopening business strategy

Another bigger concern here while setting up Business Strategies, is the consideration of some of the big business experts’ predictions which analysts think now is the time to take actions.

“Follow the Directions of the wave, if you do so, the wave will do the work for you”

Bill Gates for one predicted that in the nearest future, there will be two kinds of businesses, those going online and those going out of business.

Now, there is hardly any successful business out there that does not have online presence. It is either you are full time online business or an offline business with online presence. Whatever you are doing, you have to be on the internet. Every business will benefit greatly from having an presence online.

Just as this is worth considering and preparing for, you will agree with me that many people during the covid-19 lock-down, were able to brainstorm business strategies  to grow their businesses while others just discovering businesses.

Here are the quick highlights of our 10 business strategies to help comply with the government laws and to grow your business. We will discuss more on Reinventing yourself and Mistakes to Avoid.

1.      Go online: just as stated earlier, whatever you are doing, you have to be on the internet. Every business will benefit greatly from having a presence online.

2.      Create promotional offer to sell benefits. More details later.

  1. Beef up delivery, takeout and curbside
  2. Take gradual re-entry to the workplace
  3. Converting shared spaces into enclosed ones
  4. Extra sanitization and sanitation
  5. COVID-19 testing for employees
  6. Staggered work shifts: this will make social distancing easier by shifting the times of beginning and ending work to reduce the number of employees arriving and leaving work at the same time.
  7. Requiring workers/customers to wear masks
  8. Temperature and health checks

Reinventing Business Strategies and Mistakes to Avoid.

  1. Create online Presence: you need to go online. Just as stated above, not having online presence is the biggest mistake to avoid. One of the ways of taking your business online is to have a website. I believe you are acquainted with all the social media?

Great! Have your presence there but do not end there and don’t go with the notion that they are free otherwise, you will never achieve your aim of going there. They are great marketing platforms to explore for sales success and the owners have monetized them as their own businesses.

Let me explain more:

All Social media are social networking services that allow you connect with family and friends.

Taking Facebook for instance, when they started they did a lot of marketing to get people on board and use it for free. With these, everything about using the platform was free and they would help build your connections by suggesting people you might know until it became famous.

They then, adopted a business strategy to monetized it after seeing the business opportunities by simply integrating marketing software to market for you whatever you bring to advertise.

Yes you cannot get customers by just putting your products or services there, you have to advertise otherwise you only have the chances of reaching 5% of your followers or friends.

As a business you have to develop the initiative to get an effective software and use it yourself to save cost of marketing to get customers.

We have achieved great sales successes for our businesses and for our clients with high efficient  software such  as VideoMakerFx for high converting Sales videos  creation, Traffixz for autopilot buyer traffic and sales with high conversion etc. feel free to check out their Explainer Videos to see if any appeals to you.
The truth is that you always gain, nothing to lose by trial because, you can always seek refund if not satisfied with the product.

  1. “Never close your business to your customers”: having online presence will help avoid this. All you need to do is to create customer relationship, time management and delivery system.
  2. Learn how to keep money: as easy as this sounds many businesses find it difficult especially when carried away by how much they are making neglecting what is important “ how much you are able to keep”.
  3. Create your own Marketing Automation Journey: Take marketing serious, you need to push your business. Marketing Automation helps you stay closer to your customers and saves you time by removing manual and repetitive tasks.

Autopilot marketing automation software (FLUX and TRAFIXZ)are the easiest ways to automate and personalize your marketing across the entire customer journey. Create sales videos that convert with video software, build Lead Generation with autopilot sales traffic Software, set up Email Marketing.

  1. Don’t build another business yet, just plough back your profit

Selling Benefits is still the name of the game. Experts’ salesmen have always known that it’s about selling the benefits, not the product. 

While it may seem counter-intuitive online, the same strategy is still the most important strategy to generate sales for many of the same reasons. Selling benefits of a product appeals to people more than selling features of a product.

They directly show what a person will gain by closing the deal. They leave a small opening for imaginative sales pitches, and they clear all objections that are uttered.

Create promotional offers to focus on selling the benefits not the products. Let your customers feel you know their needs by creating offers with great benefits to feel you are considerate and helping not just someone who wants to sell to make money out of them

Recommendation: The secret of business success is gaining customer, invest in autopilot traffic software and video marketing software.

 In case you are thinking how to get and know what they can offer, check out FLUX for sales traffic and VideoMakerFx For sales video and marketing which convert fast for us.
This software help you drive quality online traffic that converts into sales, engage and keep tracks of buying customers for re-targeting.

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